"In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves."

                                                                                                  Jon Kabat-Zinn

Birth and postpartum are intense and daring rites of passage in a woman's life and offer a woman and her family the possibility of creation both inside and outside. Emotions emerging during those times can be properly addressed with good support and your birth can be experienced as a positive memory with the help of a professional birthworker. As a birth and postpartum doula, I stand with you at the edge of your creation, I help you move from one dimension to the next, I hold your hand and celebrate your own creation. One breathe at a time, we pace through your journey together and I support your confidence, fears and ability. My birth and postpartum services (details further below) are as follow:

  • Childbirth and Baby Care Preparation

  • Birth Doula Support

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Blessingway

  • Postpartum Doula Support

  • Postnatal Massage and Belly/Uterus Support

  • Mother Roasting and Closing of the Bones Ceremony


  • Childbirth and Baby Care Preparation


       Kırk Kilit preparation classes prepare you, your family and your house to welome your labor and birth. In the privazy and coziness of your house and at your own pace you learn about the stages of labor and possible childbirth scenarios, work on relexation methods that you can use during your labor, practice breathwork to keep you at peace during contractions, experience hands-on details of breastfeeding, baby care and postpartum care. Trainings prepare your to write down your birth plan and prepare you for your labor with confidence. 

  • Birth Doula Support

      "Doula" means a woman who serves in ancient Greek. It has come to mean in time somone who helps people emotionally and logistically during various transition periods concerning their health and wellbeing. As a birth doula, I work as the protector and supporter of your birth environment and open space for you during your labor. During my prenatal visits I get to know you and your family and I offer you personalized  support that you are seeking for your motherhood transition. My doula support involves 2 prenatal visits (one can be used to visit hospital or medical care provider is wanted), on call service after the 38th week 7/24, full on site support during your labor, help with relaxation methods and breathwork during contractions and entire labor (including cesarean birth), immediate care after the birth of your baby including introduction to breastfeeding, 1 postnatal visit to check your wellbeing, practice postpartum care and transition to motherhood and evaluate your birth story.

  • Prenatal Massage

Increasing pressure and balance issues during pregnancy cause muscle and joint pain in pregnant women. Gentle and soft prenatal whole body or partial massage I offer relaxes you and your body, prepares you for your labor, supports a healthy and peaceful breathwork that can be used during labor and provides you a calming time. I make sure that you start bonding with your baby during pregnancy and feel confident with your body, and therefore I make a massage program that tailor to your personal wishes and wellbeing.

  • Blessingway

It is your right and your baby's right to prepare spiritually and emotionally for the world of motherhood, In this women circle that you will participate with your close friends and/or family we celebrate you, we bless you and we bond our wishes for your birth. As a circle facilitator, I organize the program and create rituals that are based on heart communication, circle practices and healing modalities.


  • Postpartum Doula Service


As a postpartum doula, I support your easy and smooth transition to motherhood and life with a baby. In this service that I provide you at your home, I help you with uterus, perinuem, breast and belly care with natural and herbal solutions, I teach basics of breastfeeding and show the ways to bond better with your baby in light of attachment parenting principals. I teach you about natural and ecological baby care methods and also support your house needs logistically. I also listen to your birth story and open space for you on how to evaluate and internalize your experience. All for you to make that first start with peace, compassion and by being listened!

  • Postpartum Massage and Uterus/Belly Care Practices

Massages and healing modalities applied after the birth help your belly to come back to its previous condition, your uterus to shrink back in size, alleviate muscle and pelvic pain caused during labor and support milk production for breastfeeding. They also provide you the most needed peace and personal space. I combine Anatolian and Mayan methods of postpartum care with well known Asian postpartum belly massage modalities and I apply them within the first 40 days after your birth. The sessions are done at your house so that you won't be separated form your baby and continue breastfeeding and in your preferred frequency with the use of spices and herbs, heat therapies, belly wraps and other herbal supporting techniques. I can also provide shoulder/back massages in addition to belly support. Belly massages can be taken 5 days after the birth. For cesarean no belly massage is recommended for at least 3 month postpartum. For full uterine therapy after vaginal birth and cesarean you can choose to get an Arvigo® Therapy which is performed after 40 days postpartum and 3 months after cesarean surgery.

  • Mother Roasting and Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Once you reach 40 days postpartum we celebrate your transition into motherhood in a circle with your friends and/or family. In Turkey and in many other cultures, new mothers are celebrated as they pass the threshold after the 40 days to return back to lie with a renewed identity. With energy healing, massage, spiritual guidance, belly and body wraps and herbal therapies I facililate a closing fo the bones ceremony so that you embrace your new self and get the warmth and structure that is believed to have been lost in your body during labor according to many ancient (especially Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mayan) medicinal traditions. As part of the ceremony and with the help of your close circle and with my facilitation we help you to get back to yourself spiritually and physically and celebrate you and your creative power.

I met Selen just before my labor when my doctor recommended her. My doctor described her as someone with "very good energy" and told me that that she will be very good to me as a doula, and she was right. Selen was always with me with her warmth, honesty and care. During walks we did before my labor, and also our phone conversationsas well as her nonstop existence during birth, her focused care and compassion were what I needed. Although it was my second birth, she reminded me to breathe as I have forgotten it since my first birth. She was the first to see and welcome my baby with tears. And she also took care of us after birth... thank you Selen with all my heart.


Selen was with me during the enire labor that lasted 55,5 hours. It was a labor that me and my husband keep remembering fondly without regret and with peace and fun. Thank you for everything.


Dear Selen was always with me before, during and after birth. She held my hands during my hardest, most private times. She gave me her time, experience, knowledge, care, support and love. We crossed a threshold together. I appreciate her presence, support and the gifts she offered.


Selen helped me feel motherhood in deepest sense during the Blessingway she prepared for me. When it was time for labor, she was with me from night till dawn (15 hours). She was like a guarantee that nothing bad will happen to me. Her presence would make everything all right. That's why I could choose normal birth despite my strong contractions and experienced those magic moments. She also answeered my questions and soothed my anxiety after birth in regards to baby care. She calmed me and my husband down and gave the biggest gift to our baby. Mant many thanks to her.


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